Negative reflections?

OK, so I must be a really bad person.  After all, for many years I attended different churches where the preacher and the other people there made me feel like the worst person on earth because I was gay…and I continued to worship in those places, despite what was preached from the pulpit.

Well, if we are to follow the logic being forced upon us by the news media regarding Barak Obama’s continued membership in a church where his pastor said some things that he might not agree with (I’ll talk about the actual things that the Rev. Wright has said later), then I’m not to be trusted because I spent years sitting through sermons where things were preached that I didn’t agree with (and I believe are wrong).

Oh, I can probably think of many other things I’ve heard from various church pulpits over the years that I don’t agree with.  Does this make me a bad person because I continued to worship in those churches?  Or maybe less trustworthy?  I would hope not.

So, why can’t we evaluate our candidates based on their platforms and policies, and perhaps their political history.  But even with evaluating based on political histories, we know what happens when a candidate once voted on something and later changed his or her mind.  Their opponent and the media won’t let them stand on their current platform.  NO.  We are told we must judge a candidate on some views they once held but no longer do due to various reasons (which are usually explained by the candidate).

So, what about Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s comments?  Well, for one thing, if people actually paid attention to what he is actually saying…I mean the entire content of what he is saying…then they might actually find something they agree with.  Well, I guess that presupposes that the receiver of the comments might actually agree that we have problems with race in this country.

I very much hope that this election will cause the people in this country to finally acknowledge the issues of inequality on all levels:  racial, gender, nationality, sexual identity… no matter which Democratic candidate actually wins  (but can’t we all realize that Hillary really doesn’t have much hope, no matter how much we might not want to believe it?)

Remember, both in our Constitution and at the root of our religions, we are all created equal.


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