Of love and protest

This past week we have seen several protests in California, in response to the outcome of Proposition 8 in last week’s election.  Each day there are more and more protests around the State, as well as a few in other places in the country.   This coming Saturday, November 15, there will be a nationwide protest, with at least one protest in every State.  (More information can be found at http://www.jointheimpact.com/ )   I am encouraging everyone to find an event near you and participate, peacefully and non-violently.

Isn’t this a California issue?

Well, yes, and no.  In California, we have a situation where same-sex couples, many with children, have previously been granted the same rights and privileges as everyone else in the State, when they were allowed to be legally married in the State.  Now, after Proposition 8, those rights and privileges are being taken away from them.  It is bad enough for those of us in States where same-sex marriage has been rejected by voters–at least we haven’t been previously given the rights that everyone else receives, so nothing more is being taken aways from us.   But in California, the voters have actually TAKEN AWAY their rights.

Why is this important now and for everyone else in the country?

The LGBT community has seen attacks on our rights around this country every four years.  Thirty States have now passed bans on same-sex marriage.  Thirty States have said that gays and lesbians are not equal in the eyes of the law.  That statement alone should be a major wake-up call to everyone in this country.  In a country that was built on a premise of equality for everyone, there are still citizens who are not equal.

I debated for a long time whether I would write something on this or not.  I didn’t really know what I would say or how I would say it.  I’m a single gay male and I am not impacted by this, right?  Well, not exactly.  As long as fear and mis-information is allowed to control the laws of this country, the LGBT community will continue to be viewed as second-class citizens.

Following is an excellent statement by Keith Olbermann on MSNBC.  I encourage everyone to watch this and pass it on.

Again, please consider attending a protest rally in your area.  It is too important to sit on the sidelines anymore.


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