Emerging from…

I’ve often heard it said that you cannot really achieve success without first experiencing failure and while I somewhat understood that, it is really quite different when I have actually been to the depths of perceived failure multiple times to accept the fact that some things work out well in life and some things don’t. The key is to just keep moving forward. I will keep putting myself out further and further, knowing that sometimes I will see amazing results and there will be other times where I will be held back from reaching my goals. When I’m held back, I  try to learn how to get past the hurdles next time, usually. But as I get older, sometimes I just want to walk away. If I can no longer make a difference or no longer error feel like my voice is important, I will go elsewhere to continue trying to make a difference somewhere else. Hopefully somewhere that my leadership and contributions are more valued.

One door has closed on me, after nearly five years of standing at the threshold. I am turning to another door and knocking on that opportunity. Let’s see if this tenant is more welcoming and accepting of someone with a different perspective and a different voice.


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