I am not good enough, I am better than that

I hear it often.

“You’re not a fit for the work team” when trying to get a job.

“You’re not good enough to sit on our board or be a leader in the organization”

Or maybe it just isn’t quite verbalized because the person thinking that is afraid to be honest.

I know  that as a person with Aspergers, I do not have a dynamic personality that draws you in. I know that many people do not even remember meeting me, even after a long conversation. I’m just not that person who most people even see.

But really, every time I am given the opportunity to prove myself or given the time for that one on one conversation over coffee or drinks, I can nearly always impress you with my knowledge and my passion for the subject.

But yeah, I understand. You aren’t used to dealing with someone who has Aspergers and really, you don’t even know that about me. To you, I’m just weird.

But I know that I am better than that. Take a chance, get to know me. Understand that we are all wired differently.


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