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Excitement builds

In two weeks, I will be in Charlotte, preparing for the Democratic National Convention and beginning to participate in the many events scheduled for the week. Every day now, more things are added to my calendar. Receptions, forums, luncheons, and caucus meetings and so far, those are just the LGBT focused events. I know many more will be added in the next couple of weeks.

I am still a few hundred dollars short of my fundraising goal, however. If I can raise just $300 more, then I will be able to fully enjoy this without worrying about finances.

Will you be able to help me with this? A secure payment can be made here:


Why I Am Engaged

Here is something I wrote for PQ Monthly, a local paper here in Oregon.

Why I Am Engaged (click the link)

So, how do you get engaged? How do you tell your story? Where do you tell your story?

To start off, connect with Washington United at

There will also be opportunities to volunteer here in the Portland area. Contact Basic Rights Oregon at http://basicrights.orgto find out more.Not able to volunteer your time? Perhaps you want to donate instead? The best way to do that is to donate through the special PAC that HRC has established.

Any questions? Contact me. I can direct you to whoever you might want to talk to.

What are your thoughts?

New Adventures, New Content

So much is happening now that we are getting into the political season. I will be heading to Charlotte as part of the Oregon Delegation to the Democratic National Convention. While I will be there, I will use this space to fill you in on everything that is happening, from my perspective.

Additionally, there are things I have written or will be writing about some of of the candidates and campaigns to pay attention to this year. I will be posting several of those.

I hope you will read this to follow along with everything I write.