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It was a day on, not a day off.

I am so overwhelmed with emotions from today. After several months of planning, we started early this morning to sort and divide the overflowing amount of donated clothing and personal items for the LGBT homeless youth served by SMYRC in Portland and Triple Point in Vancouver. We ended up filling about 220 bags of personal items and many boxes and bags of clothing for them. These bags and other items will hopefully be distributed to the homeless youth for the next 12 months.
We had volunteers front all over, from St Michael’s Episcopal Church, from the International Longshoreman and Warehouse Union, the wife of Senator Jeff Merkley, and many others.

Everything came together so well.

This reminds me why I devote so much of my life to the organizations of my choice. I see where the work directly affects those who are often neglected. All in the spirit and memory of Martin Luther King, Jr.

That is what this day is all about.


New Adventures, New Content

So much is happening now that we are getting into the political season. I will be heading to Charlotte as part of the Oregon Delegation to the Democratic National Convention. While I will be there, I will use this space to fill you in on everything that is happening, from my perspective.

Additionally, there are things I have written or will be writing about some of of the candidates and campaigns to pay attention to this year. I will be posting several of those.

I hope you will read this to follow along with everything I write.